Statutory Instruments with Clear Reports

29 April 2019

SL(5)406 – The Rural Affairs (Miscellaneous Amendments) (Wales) Regulations 2019

Procedure: Negative

These Regulations make amendments to the Common Agricultural Policy Non-IACS Support Schemes (Appeals) (Wales) Regulations 2004 (“the 2004 Regulations”) and the Trade in Animals and Related Products (Wales) Regulations 2011 (“the 2011 Regulations”) in exercise of powers in section 2(2) of the European Communities Act 1972 (c. 68).

The 2004 Regulations enable the Welsh Ministers to establish an appeals procedure if an appeal is made following an initial determination made under any of the Common Agricultural Policy (“CAP”) support schemes listed in the Schedule to those Regulations.

Regulation 2 updates the schemes for which an appeals procedure may be established by the Welsh Ministers so that they align with current EU Regulations. It also revokes the Schedule to the 2004 Regulations which lists individual schemes, many of which have now lapsed or have been updated in EU legislation.

Regulation 3 is a saving provision which provides that where the Welsh Ministers make or have made an initial determination about a scheme listed in the Schedule to the 2004 Regulations before these Regulations came into force, the appeals procedure established under the 2004 Regulations continues to apply.

The 2011 Regulations establish a system for trade in live animals and genetic material and for the importation of live animals, genetic material and products of animal origin.

Regulation 4 corrects an amendment made to regulation 28 of the 2011 Regulations by regulation 12(9) of the Rural Affairs, Environment, Fisheries and Food (Miscellaneous Amendments and Revocations) (Wales) Regulations 2019 (“the 2019 Regulations”).

The 2019 Regulations update references to various pieces of UK and European legislation within domestic legislation relating to agriculture, animal health, animal welfare, education, environmental protection, food, plant health, sea fisheries and water.


Parent Act: European Communities Act 1972

Date Made: 01 April 2019

Date Laid: 05 April 2019

Coming into force date: 29 April 2019