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Ymchwiliad Rhandiroedd | Allotments Inquiry


Ymateb gan : Cyngor Cymuned Llangynog

Evidence from : Llangynog Community Council


In response to the request for input to the review into allotments our Community Council are currently looking into our own allotments which are not currently being used.

Firstly, we do not know if they were included in the mapping that was to be carried out after 2010

Secondly, with most of our local population having large gardens of their own, there is concern that being located where they are, our allotments may be located too far from a population who could effectively use them.

Thirdly, whilst it is our plan to try and bring the allotments back into use by promoting them, we would also like to see a community allotment. The issue with that is it would require individuals or an interested group to take it forward. Our Community like so many others has an ageing population, we no longer have a school, pub, shop, or gardening club and we are left with a mere handful of individuals trying to engage the community by providing events and local entertainment in the Village Hall.

Support, training and guidance from all sources would be appreciated as the benefits in health and wellbeing is clear. It was also be a small step towards helping protect the environment.