Statutory Instruments with Clear Reports

11 March 2019

SL(5)353 – The Local Government (Assistants for Political Groups) (Remuneration) (Wales) (Amendment) Order 2019Procedure: Negative

The Local Government (Assistants for Political Groups) (Remuneration) (Wales) Order 2009 linked the maximum salary of political assistants in local authorities to an assigned point on the National Joint Council pay scale. This means that the maximum salary of political assistants increases annually with the pay increases for the pay scale.

From 1 April 2019 the National Joint Council is changing their pay scales and merging some of the pay points. As a result, from 1 April 2019 the current pay point for political assistants will no longer exist. This Order aligns the current pay scales of political assistants to the new pay scale.

Parent Act: Local Government and Houysing Act 1989

Date Made: 21 February 2019

Date Laid: 22 February 2019

Coming into force date: 01 April 2019

SL(5)334 – The Local Authority Adoption Services (Wales) Regulations 2019

Procedure: Negative

These Regulations are made under section 9 of the Adoption and Children Act 2002 (“the 2002 Act”).

These Regulations impose requirements on local authority adoption service providers setting out

-      policies and procedure each service must have in place;

-      standards of support to be provided;

-      specific requirements in relation to ensuring individuals are safe and protected from abuse or neglect;

-      staffing requirements;

-      requirements as to the fitness of individuals working at the services;

-      requirements on managers;

-      requirements on monitoring, reviewing and improving the quality of support provided; and

-      miscellaneous requirements including the need for each service to have a strategy in place in relation to recruitment of sufficient numbers of adopters.

Parent Act: Adoption and Children Act 2002; Regulation and Inspection of Social Care (Wales) Act 2016

Date Made: 17 February 2019

Date Laid: 19 February 2019

Coming into force date: 29 April 2019