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Ymchwiliad Rhandiroedd | Allotments Inquiry

Ymateb gan : Cyngor Cymuned Cwmbran
Evidence from : Cwmbran Community Council


Minutes of a Meeting of Cwmbran Community Council’s Environment, Sustainability & Planning Committee held on 27 February 2019

ESP18/058  Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee - Inquiry into Allotments


(Councillor SWJ Ashley declared a non-pecuniary interest in this item.)


1.    Members noted that the National Assembly’s Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee was carrying out an inquiry into allotments. Observations were sought on the Welsh Government’s strategic approach, the approach taken by local authorities across Wales; and on how to maximise the health, community and environmental benefits of allotments and community growing. Observations were to be submitted by 1 March 2019.


2.    Members highlighted the popularity of allotments locally, which were well used. Members emphasised the importance of including provision for allotments within new developments. It was also important that national exercises such as this Inquiry were linked to local projects such as the Torfaen Open Space Assessment in view of the important contribution which allotments made to wider aspects of open space provision and Place Planning.


3.    It was recommended that the above observations are submitted to the Inquiry.


(the above recommendation is subject to confirmation by the Full Council at a meeting to be held on 20 March2019)