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Ymchwiliad Rhandiroedd | Allotments Inquiry


Ymateb gan : Cyngor Cymuned Llandysilio

Evidence from : Llandysilio Community Council


Llandysilio Community Council wish to respond to the above inquiry into Allotment Provision.


Our residents have asked if there is any space within the village that could be used for allotments – we have identified 2 sites owned by Powys County Council.


We had to email several times before we eventually got a response – the first site was ‘earmarked for development’ – the second site relates to a County Council Small Holding which is currently very overgrown but is adjacent the village boundary and has easy access and room for parking. This time we were told that there were active badger setts in the area. We have replied to say that the use of the field for Allotments would not affect any badger setts and that to the best of our local knowledge the badger setts are further away from this field.


We feel that Powys County Council have not listened to what we are saying and that they could provide an excellent opportunity to satisfy the need within the village residents for allotments.