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Ymchwiliad Rhandiroedd | Allotments Inquiry


Ymateb gan : Unigolyn

Evidence from : Individual


I am an allotment-eer in north Cardiff and I live near a large local secondary school. With multiple current concerns regarding the diet, obesity levels and mental health of young people, plus their increasing reliance on phones / laptops for social discourse (with potential consequent problems), I propose that every school should own allotments.


This would encourage children to be outdoors learning, having fun, becoming fitter. They would be creating something of which to be proud (possibly even some edible food) whilst learning together away from the classroom all year round.


They would more understand the seasons, provenance of their food and have fun whilst doing it whilst creating a sense of responsibility.


There are countless reasons why it would be advantageous and it's difficult to be on the phone with muddy hands.


They would become part of the allotment communities and learn from others who know so much about growing their own food already, promoting discourse between different members of the community, including the elderly who are always ready to give tips and tricks.