Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru

National Assembly for Wales

Pwyllgor yr Economi, Seilwaith a Sgiliau

Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee

Datblygu Trafnidiaeth Cymru yn y dyfodol

The future development of Transport for Wales

EIS(5) FDTfW18

Ymateb gan 3SC Limited

Evidence from 3SC Limited


We have seen, through the Welsh Assembly website, that you are inviting views on the future development of Transport for Wales and would be pleased if you could consider our thoughts specific to delivering a transport policy, below, and hope that you find them useful.

We strongly believe that to provide an integrated and accessible transport network for Wales, an holistic approach that includes not only the rail network, but also transport technologies that link together mass transport hubs such as train and bus station with shops, places of work and homes should be an aim.

The Environment Act and the Wellbeing and Future Generations Act require large reductions in carbon emissions; having policies that focus on integrated transport networks throughout the country down to the last mile would greatly assist in achieving the committed targets.

Working for Ultra Global and latterly Heathrow Enterprises, 3SC Limited designed and developed a PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) system that has now been successfully operating for over 10 years, carrying passengers between Terminal 5 and the car park. 

PRT is a new and innovative on-demand system for developed or urban environments. Using small, driverless electric vehicles that run on guideways, the lightweight and flexible nature of the system enables it to be retrofitted into a broad range of environments and provide transportation that is environmentally friendly and operationally efficient; it offers personal transport with no waiting, taking passengers non-stop to their chosen destination.

We strongly believe that having policies that include this type of modern technology is essential to allow Welsh Government to achieve its commitments.

 We are presently establishing a new company, the PRT Co, which will focus on providing a one-stop shop for PRT, integrated solutions: consultancy, design, financial investment and return on investment planning, technology supply, operation and support.

A few of the points to consider in a transport policy in which PRT systems can help:

·         Provide a substantial income for the relevant community.

·         Provide employment.

·         Profitable public transportation

·         Promotion of Wales as a location for business and investment 

·         Reducing congestion and pollution and carbon dioxide emissions 

·         Can be used for passenger, freight, and waste carriers

·         Meet the commitments made to environmental and wellbeing acts.

·         The system is a disability friendly mode of transport.

·         Reducing car parking spaces in cities.

·         The system can be powered by photovoltaic, solar and wind technologies, further reinforcing use of cleaner energy.

·         People and goods will have to be moved in ever increasing numbers and distances coupled with an ageing population no longer self-reliant on their own transport.

·         The food and energy sectors, the backbone of any society can be helped considerably by city transit.

In addition, in using innovative and integrated transportation, Transport for Wales would:

·         Be a major part in working with planners and house builders, by promoting the use of modern systems of transportation integrated into new housing developments.

·         Offer support and advice to assist new transport methods and promote the future of transportation in Wales. 

·         Be the driving force to create seamless transportation.

·         Be instrumental in working towards a unified Welsh transportation network.

·         Become an advisory body to transportation authorities and companies.

·         Work with local transport authorities and companies in working towards the wellbeing of the population of Wales by adhering to the future generations bill.

·         Work alongside private enterprises to help finance projects