P-05-791 Terminate Private Parking Contracts at Welsh Hospitals

This petition was submitted by Nick Harding having collected 102 signatures online.


Petition text

It has been nearly 10 years since the Welsh Government abolished hospital parking charges yet Cardiff and Vale UHB still contracts Indigo Parking UK who ruthlessly rack up charges against hard working NHS staff and sick patients. The members of society who can least afford it!

It is time to terminate private parking contracts across Welsh hospitals with immediate effect and stop these companies charging the weak and vulnerable.​


Additional Information

This petition aims to show support for those who have been charged by enforcement companies like Indigo Parking UK, often when they are at their most in need.


Removing these companies should be a matter of Law and it should be shown that they are not welcome in Wales.​


Assembly Constituency and Region

·         Cardiff Central

·         South Wales Central