I am a freelance Producer/Line Producer who has worked on numerous projects that have benefited from funds from the Welsh Government’s Media Investment Budget.

Three of which are:

The Collection - international high end co-production 8 x 60mins - budget approx. £17.5m

Last Summer - independent feature film 1 x 95mins – budget £776,878

Bang – S4C drama (has secured international sales) 8 X 60mins - budget £2,829,996


The model for agreeing the investment from the WG on all of the above appeared to be the same regardless of the level of funding requested, and each time it was an extremely complex process.


While the lager productions have far more support available to navigate this process, the productions with lower budgets find themselves spending a far higher percentage of their funds to enable them to secure the investment.


Is there not therefore a different model that could be put in place making it both more affordable and ‘user friendly’ for the production companies working on smaller budgets to secure funds from WG?


These are often the productions that are of a greater cultural value to Wales, and through international sales are taking Wales and even the Welsh language out into the wider world. Although they may have fewer funds to put back into the local economy, they hugely benefit the industry locally, by offering sustainable employment and continued training. These are both aspects that productions run by Producers and Directors from outside Wales are unable to do on a continuing basis, because so often their HODs are not based locally.


Please consider adopting a more easily accessible investment model that would mean the local industry could properly benefit from the Welsh Government’s Media Investment Budget.