Firstly TV/Film population growth is nearing a point where it can’t grow any more. Studios are full. We need a proper film studio built. Dragon is the best so far but we need a purpose built film studio (not tv). Proper head heights for sets with room for exterior backlots for outside. Something than can take the size of sets and vast number trucks etc to properly service the filming and not have to go back and for up the M4 to London.  We’ve got the locations, we need a film studio to match. Someone needs to take a trip to a London film studio and take a look at the set up.

Secondly, if we attracted some major films then this would create a good school for trainees/apprentices. Bad Wolf is by far the best at this point in time for trainee jobs and  work experience in a proper filming environment. However, there’s only so many in experienced people than can be tolerated on a particular show before it slows production down.

The only way to get more people involved is to bring in more work, but at this point in time Wales is full to the brim.

You need to make an attractive pull of a big well serviced studio to make up for the distance between South Wales and London. London is where TV started and all the prop houses and service companies are based there simply because that’s where TV/Film grew and developed. It’s just no good attracting productions if they can’t get straight in somewhere without a list of problems to sort before they can even start production. Money needs to be spent on screen, not sorting leaking roofs and sound proofing old factory units.

We need people to take us seriously, we need a serious studio. All too often big shows get London Head of Departments in and then London crew to follow. You then find local people end up having to go across the bridge for work. People just don’t take us seriously.

We can’t expand and grow any more, we’re at stalemate.