Questions about why we need the Autism (Wales) Bill

1.       I think not enough has been done to help people on the autisim spectrum. I am 49 and was only diagnosed when I was 47

2.       Yes

2a      Yes

2b      Yes

3        Yes

4.       Yes

4a      Every years

5.       There should be a panel of autistic people and parents of autistic children who would be able to comment on issues or a list of anyone who is on the spectrum should be made and a mailshot should be sent to ask what they think of the service they receive.

6.       They should consult with doctors, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals to see what can be done and also speak to clients with autism to ask their views.

Questions about getting a better way to diagnose Autism

7.       I was never diagnosed until I went to my doctor and said that I thought I had it and was then diagnosed by a psychiatrist. If I hadn’t asked I would never have been diagnosed

8.       Becauee it’s so difficult to prove you have autism it’s hard to get healthcare professionals to take you seriously when you ask for a diagnosis

9.       Yes.

Questions about improving the way people get support services

10.     No

11.     Yes

12.     Yes. There should be something done to assist employers regarding employment. I was recently dismissed from my job due to issues caused by my autism. I appealed the decision and won but employers aren’t mental health trained so there should be guidelines on how employers treat employees with autism and ways for them to understand autistic employees and their issues

13.     Yes

14.     They could contact healthcare and mental health providers who can ask autistic patients or their families to get them included on any audit

Question about autism training for staff

15.     I don’t think it’s enough. I appreciate that they are busy but they need to appreciate how autism works

16a    yes

16b    No

Questions about jobs for people with autism

17.     There should be more information given to Jobcentres and other employment agencies on how to deal with autistic clients and the difficulties that they may face

Questions about the definition of autism

18.    a. On the Bill
c. In the guidance.

Questions about how much money my Bill may cost

19.     Extra training for anyone who deals with autistic people on a regular basis

Questions about how my Bill might save money


Question about other things to think about

21.     Yes

22.     They need to know that autistic people can be productive members of society and not a drain on the economy

23.     No.