My name is Xxx Xxxx and I have A.S.D/Aspergers, as well as Dyslexia/ Dyscalculia(number dyslexia).

I lived a very difficult life with autism, although I did not know this until 2005, when I was diagnosed as having an A.S.D. because I was struggling in the job I had at the time. There are many things that have happened in my life, bullying right through school, failed jobs because I could not overcome the communication issues related to all the above.

Over the last year I have been through an ESA50 assessment last November 7th 2016, the outcome was not a good one from the assessment, so my mum had to go through each level of the process right to appeal and I got the right outcome for me, because nothing has changed with me. The result of all this was every time something came in the post I had the fight or flight response which is related to P.T.S.D. (I realised this was part of my life during the talk by Xxx Xxxx at C.P.A.G meeting). This realisation has led to having trauma focused talking therapy with the psychologist who diagnosed me in 2005.

As you may realise from the above the bill would be there to protect and help not just children, but Adults as well, and not just boys or men, but women and Girls on the spectrum who present autism very differently.

I never had any help or support throughout my life and P.T.S.D grew over many years and came to a head in similar way to the way my Jobs ended, during the ESA50 period.

It is my hope that this bill would assist in people like me, not having the issues I have because they would be protected and their needs as intelligent human beings would be accepted. Having the Autism bill would send a message that we are worth looking after, because if society/ government do that, there may eventually be more people on the Autism spectrum in employment. If you give the person on the spectrum what they need as children to go to school and as adults what they need to be able to work. The chances are that that would be a win for all concerned, and a better life all round.

Finally Early Diagnosis and ongoing support is vital for all on the Autism Spectrum to achieve in life. We need help