Sorry can't fill in online but answers are:

1 not a lot nothing has changed since the strategy was introduced and it's never been delivered fully we need a law

2 both parts yes and LA definitely need to follow it shouldn't be a postcode lottery

3 WAG should include parent Carers in all areas plus people with ASD themselves

4 it should be monitored as and when anything changes

5 there needs to be a register and monitored regularly

6 maybe a penalty on authorities not delivering

7 not easy to get a diagnosis and waiting times need to be cut in lots places

8 easier way to refer whether it be parent gp schools miss it (I know in a personal matter told school 3 years prior ) had to use GP in end as school had no problems children present differently it's only because my son has ASD that I picked my granddaughter up

9 yes

10 no

11 yes

12 yes and children with ASD become adults so why do services stop

13 yes

14 as before registers regionally

15 it's not specific enough to autism

16 yes to both

17 bring back supported working until people are confidant

18 B

19 it will save in the long run you may have to spend at first but also could save money if you used parentcarers in voluntary role I know lots of us would help nobody knows more that someone walking this road