P-05-761 Demand Funding from the Welsh Government to Support Autism Spectrum Connections Cymru – Correspondence from the petitioner to the Committee, 12.11.17

Dear Petitions Committee.

I am writing a further response to my petition under the reference number, P-05-761.

Having read Autism Spectrum Connections Cymru (ASCC)’s response to my petition, I am concerned that the development of ASCC’s One stop shop have been ignored and marginalised by Welsh Government officials.

I’m further concerned that there may be a bias towards proposals by the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA). Who are the WLGA and what is their connection to the £13m proposed for the National Integrated Autism Service (NIAS)? Are they a private members organisation?

Is all of the £13m going to the development of the NIAS? Or is it all going to the WLGA and only some of it is going to NIAS? The Welsh Government should be able to tell me exactly where the £13m is going and how every penny is spent on improving the lives of people living with autism.

Please could you tell me what the WLGA is and what is their relation to the Welsh Government? Should public money be granted to the WLGA without any procurement? It doesn’t seem to be an open and transparent organisation that are allowing for the best value for public money in Wales.  Procurement ensures fairness and equal opportunities for suppliers within a competitive market.

As a person living with autism, it is unclear for me how the money is being spent exactly on ways which are going to genuinely improve my own life.  I believe that ASCC should definitely be classed as a need for people with autism by the Welsh Government and the work done here should be taken into account when deciding where to allocate third sector funding grant schemes by the Welsh Government in the future.

Yours Sincerely,

Aled Thomas.