P-05-738 Public Petition for the Dinas Powys By-Pass - Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 20.10.17


Dear Chair,


P-05-738 - Pwyllgor Deisebau / Petitions Committee


Thank you for your correspondence of today's date, attaching a copy of the latest communication from Vale Council Leader Cllr John Thomas.


On behalf of the petitioners I'd like to put a little more flesh on the bone of how we've arrived at the current situation:


July 31 Arcadis Consulting and Vale Officials present reports to Vale Cabinet suggesting three options to

proceed to Stage 2 WelTAG. The original three were: 1.) Minimal Change 2.) By-Pass 3.)Multi Modal.


The Cabinet referred the matter to their Scrutiny Committee for Environment and Regeneration.


September 18 Scrutiny Committee for Environment and Regeneration heard detailed submissions from four

members of Dinas Powys By-Pass Steering Group and discussed the matter at length.

They recommended to Cabinet the Options for Stage 2 be extended from three to four, to include the

option of 'By-Pass and Multi Modal.'


The Committee further recommended the Cabinet invite Dinas Powys Community Council appoint

someone from the local community onto the WelTAG Review Group to oversee the development of

Stage 2 and beyond.

October 9 Cabinet ratified the recommendations of the Scrutiny Committee.


October 12 Roger Pattenden B.Sc MICA, a member of the Dinas Powys By-Pass Steering Group, was elected

by the Community Council to represent the Community on the Review Group and the Vale Cabinet was duly informed.




Rod Harrod, Petitioner,

Dinas Powys By-Pass