P-05-748 School Buses for School Children – Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 21.06.17

Dear Sir/Madam.

In regards to my petition Louise Oldfield school bus campaign #SchoolBusesForSchoolChildren to be considered in your meeting Tuesday 27th June, the last 2 meetings the petition was taken wrongly, either it hasn't been read correctly or its been misunderstood, the chair of the meeting's both times has said my petition is to bring down the 3 mile school transport rule, I've never mentioned this in my petition or documents sent, the petition is for dedicated school bus for School Children for them not to be expected to travel on public transport buses. I'm very upset to think my petition has not been read correctly even after I've clarified by email what my petition is about. Our local council had no problem understand the outlining problems I raised via my petition as it received there full backing in the notice of motion. Could you please make sure those present at the meeting are made fully aware of the details I've provide. My local MP Mark Tami had wrote to you with the offer i present myself at your meeting with evidence to support but I have heard nothing back from yourselves in regard to this. I have also met with Carl Sargent AM about my campaign and petition, both are able to explain to the Chair if any questions need answering I'm sure. 

Kind regards 

Lynne Chick