P-05-742 Stop Forsythia Closing – Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 20.06.17

Hi All

On behalf of our young people I would like to say a big thank you to the petitions Committee for raising the issue around Communities 1st and the impact on our young people and the communities that we serve.

Just to update you all, we do not know the future of Forsythia as yet. Myself and another youth worker Catherine Saunders (along with 16 other community workers from the 3G's Development Trust) have been made redundant and will be finishing our roles on 30th June.

A saving grace is that the 3Gs Development Trust are retaining 2.5 posts and these posts have been allocated to youth work posts. The three youth workers are currently based at Forsythia and have all come through the project as volunteers, they are an excellent team and are established and respected within the community. 

I have a heavy heart leaving the project as I see all the young people and workers as my extended family. I am really proud of this community and all that it has achieved and I truly believe that given your continued support the legacy will carry on.

Thank you again for supporting and listening to our young people.

Kind regards


Geraldine Maddison