P-05-738 Public Petition for the Dinas Powys By-Pass – Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 31.05.17


Dear Ms Driscoll,


P-05-738- Pwyllgor Deisebau 13.06.17 / Petitions Committee 13.06.17


Thank you for your communication of 24th May and to everyone involved in agreeing to postpone our response until this upcoming meeting of 13th June.


We note the content of the letter dated 2nd May addressed to your Chair, Mike Hedges A.M., from Ken Skates AC/AM, Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure. We accept much of its content was historic and contained in our initial documentation.


It was interesting to learn that a further tranche of £60,000 (making a total £75,000) had been allocated by the Welsh Government to the Vale Council (and from them to consultants, Arcadis) to progress findings on their Stage 1 Study into the transport corridor through Dinas Powys. Their report is expected to be received by the Vale Cabinet within days. However, Emma Reed pointed out that this Study would be the first of what could be up to five studies into the process. It is the first Study of several carried out in the last five years to include a By-Pass as an option.


Surprisingly, it is taking place after the completion of the Deposit Local Development Plan (LDP). It’s important to note the Arcadis brief is solely on the transport corridor through Dinas Powys and is unlikely to take in the effect any improvement might have on neighbouring settlements and the knock-on affects to other routes.


A telephone conference took place yesterday (30th May) between:


Cllr Geoff Cox, Vale Cabinet Councillor for Neighbourhood Services and Transport,

Emma Reed, Director of Visible Services and Transport,

Roger Pattenden BSc MICE from the Dinas Powys By-Pass Steering Group

Rod Harrod (myself – Chair of the Group)


Ms Reed informed that the LDP Report was expected from the Welsh Government Inspector within the next 6 – 8 weeks. It was acknowledged that the LDP is primarily a ‘plan’ and projects can take place outside its parameters. If the Deposit LDP is adopted, it’s also due to be reviewed every few years during the remaining nine years of its life.


Cllr Cox emphasised that the new Cabinet would oppose inappropriate housing development. The recently published (March) Welsh Government’s Household Projections report indicated the Vale 10,000 house allocation might have flaws of up to 60%. Emma Reed stated that the development figures were based on numerous other factors not just the needs listed within this report.


Of greatest implication to our Petition content is the 230 house development proposed on the former St Cyres Lower School site at the top of the Murch that does impeach on the original line on which the by-pass has been mapped for over 50 years. But it does not preclude room for the by-pass.


The only indicated access for the new housing estate would place 900 extra vehicle trips daily onto Murch Road and the traffic lights at the A4055 Cardiff Road. Planning has not yet been applied. The alternative would be to create an access onto our proposed by-pass. But, to do this, the by-pass would need to be built first.


The new Leader of the Vale Council, Cllr John Thomas has said the initial focus of the Council will be on the Vale’s transport network. A thorough review and reappraisal of the county’s infrastructure will take place shortly, with close attention paid to the eastern Vale (that includes the Dinas Powys transport corridor).


On Wednesday next, 7th June, representatives of our Steering Group will make a presentation to Vale Council Leader Cllr John Thomas, Cllr Geoff Cox, Emma Reed and possibly other members of the Cabinet whom Vale Managing Director Rob Thomas considers it could advantage.


The main purpose of our presentation is to propose to Cabinet several by-pass route suggestions. We will list the pros and cons not just to Dinas Powys but adjoining new developments stretching from Llandough, Penarth, Cosmeston and Sully right through to the 4,000 new homes being completed at the Barry Waterfront.


We would seek to report back to the Petitions Committee on this presentation for inclusion in a later meeting.


We consider the continued support of the Committee of paramount importance. We hope you can ensure the process continues to run in a positive direction and that the Welsh Government becomes aware of the support being given and the importance now being placed on achieving an outcome beneficial to the economic, employment and social advancement of the region.


Sincere regards,


Rod Harrod

Co-petitioner – with Cllr Vince Driscoll and Cllr Andy Robertson