Petition P-05-755: Make the A48 safe for all road users and pedestrians at Laleston, Broadlands and Merthyr Mawr
Y Pwyllgor Deisebau | 23 Mai 2017
 Petitions Committee | 23 May 2017
 Petitions Committee | 29 June 2016




Research Briefing:

Petition number: P-05-755

Petition title: Call on Welsh Government to make the A48 safe for all road users and pedestrians at Laleston, Broadlands and Merthyr Mawr.

Petition text:

We the undersigned call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to make the A48 from Ewenny Roundabout, Merthyr Mawr, Broadlands to Laleston safe for ALL road users and pedestrians.

The A48 in Bridgend is an accident hotspot, over the last year 2 lives have been lost, and too many minor accidents and near misses have happened, involving cars, pedestrians and cyclists.

Despite this from Island Farm the A48 remains a 60mph road, the cycle/pathway finishes at Newbridge Fields from Broadlands.

We call for:

- an immediate reduction in speed from 60mph to 40mph;

- a safe crossing on the A48 from Newbridge Field/Craig-Y-Parcau nature reserve on the Merthyr Mawr Trail;

- an extended Cycle/Footpath to enable our children to walk safely to school;

- the exploration of options such as a central island for preventing people from ignoring the no turning right from Merthyr Mawr junctions or provision of a roundabout to allow safe turning.

- Funding must be made immediately available to prevent any further tragedies occurring.

Join the campaign today, how many more families will be shattered before action is taken? No Safe Crossing exists from the public footpaths linking Newbridge Fields/Craig-y-Parcau nature serve to the rear of Broadlands on to Merthyr Mawr from the designated trail. Broadlands children are expected to walk on a 60mph road to get to Brynteg School, or cross the road risking their lives on a daily basis. Some road users pay little attention to the NO RIGHT TURN at Merthyr Mawr junctions creating an additional hazard for all users. Bridgend County Borough Council have linked improvements to the long awaiting Island Farm Development.


The Welsh Government is the Highway Authority for the Welsh trunk road network, while local authorities are responsible for the local road network.  The section of the A48 referred to in this petition, between Lalestone and Waterton (see Figure 1), is a local road.  Bridgend County Borough Council is the relevant highway authority.

Figure 1: A48 Bridgend (Lalestone to Waterton)

(Source: Ordinance Survey / Research Service)

Bridgend Council commissioned a consultant to undertake a Route Study for this section of the A48 in August 2016 following a fatal collision which took place on 12th July 2016 at the A48 junction with Merthyr Mawr Road.  The investigation included analysis of personal injury collisions recorded over a five year period from 1 October 2011 to 30 September 2016.  During the period a total of 32 collisions were recorded on this section of the A48. These caused a total of 56 casualties (3 fatalities, 7 serious injuries and 22 slight injuries).

Following the study, Bridgend Council submitted an application for Welsh Government Road Safety Grant (RSG) funding in the 2017-18 funding round.  The unpublished grant application form highlights that “there has been a campaign by local residents, the press, local councillors and AMs to improve road safety at this location”.  It says that “the proposed measures included a review of the current speed limit [and] improvement of pedestrian crossing facilities”.  The proposal included creation of central refuges and road marking changes to restrict the road width available for overtaking.  The cost of the scheme was estimated at £390,000.  The application was unsuccessful.

Welsh Government action

The Welsh Government’s Road Safety Framework for Wales sets targets for the reduction in the number of people killed or seriously injured on Welsh roads by 2020, when compared to the 2004-08 baseline.  These targets are to achieve:

§    A 40% reduction in the number of people killed or seriously injured;

§    A 25% reduction in the number of motorcyclists killed and seriously injured; and

§    A 40% reduction in the number of young people (aged 16-24) killed and seriously injured.

The Welsh Government Road Safety Grant website says that the RSG provides capital and revenue funding for a range of projects with the aim of reducing casualties on Welsh roads. The capital grant includes funding for “engineering projects targeted at sites, routes or areas where people have been being killed or seriously injured”.  The website includes a list of projects funded from the RSG in 2017-18, along with successful Local Transport Fund and Safe Routes in Communities Grant projects.

The petition refers to a need to improve walking and cycling infrastructure on this section of the A48. The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 requires Welsh local authorities to map and plan for suitable routes for active travel, and to build and improve their infrastructure for walking and cycling every year.  Local authorities must prepare maps of existing active travel routes, and “Integrated Network Maps” setting out the routes and facilities required to create an integrated network of active travel routes.   The Welsh Government will contribute to funding improvements through the Local Transport Fund, Safe Routes in Communities Grant and the RSG. The Bridgend Council website includes the “Existing Routes Maps”, approved by the Welsh Government in August 2016, and indicates that the Integrated Network Maps will be submitted to the Welsh Government for approval in autumn 2017. 

The letter from the Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure regarding this petition says:

Bridgend County Council submitted an application to the Road Safety Capital Grant for this scheme, but unfortunately the scheme did not score highly enough to receive funding.  The scheme is first on the reserve list and will be considered should funding become available.

National Assembly for Wales action

Research Service can find no record of road safety on this stretch of the A48, nor the RSG application, being considered by the Assembly.


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