P-05-690 Resurfacing of the A40 Raglan-Abergavenny Road –Correspondence from Nick Ramsey AM to the Committee, 15.05.17


To the Petitions Committee


Meeting 23rd May 2017 Ref: FW P-04-690


I was disappointed to see a letter dated 2nd May 2017 from  the Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure to Mike Hedges AM as Chair of the Petitions Committee (ref KS/01166/17) regarding the road surface on the A40 in my constituency.


I have been campaigning with constituents for many years for the old concrete surface of the A40 between Abergavenny and Raglan to be resurfaced to reduce noise levels for local residents. This remains one of the very few sections of noisy concrete Trunk Road surface in Wales, and needs to be resurfaced as a matter of priority. Following the results of the 2013-18 Noise Action Plan I was led to believe that the road was to be resurfaced at last, but we are still waiting for this to happen.


The Cabinet Secretary’s letter of 2nd May 2017 refers to yet another noise survey and seems to imply that the work required to resurface the A40 between Raglan and Abergavenny is to be delayed yet again.


This matter deserves priority given the length of time this campaign has been running and in view of the previous findings and assurances provided to carry out resurfacing rather than other lesser noise mitigation schemes.


Kind regards




Nick Ramsay AM