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Dyddiad /Date:                                     11/04/2017

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Kayleigh Driscoll

Deputy Clerk – Petitions Committee

Chamber and Committee Service

National Assembly for Wales



Dear Kayleigh,


Petition P-05-711 Ensure Disabled People’s Housing Adaptation Needs are adequately met


Thank you for your letter dated 2nd November 2016, my apologies for the delay in providing you with a response.


Following the review of Independent Living Adaptations published in 2015, the WLGA has welcomed the focus that the new framework ENABLE – Support for independent living has brought to simplifying and standardising approval mechanisms and the processes for delivering adaptations as quickly as possible. We have also welcomed the additional funding made available by Welsh Government to support the roll out of the system which boosts the help available for people in need. While the new framework brings improvements to the processes around providing adaptations, it will also sometimes be necessary for advice and assistance to be given to help people to find a suitable alternative home, which meets their needs.


An adequately trained and accountable workforce is essential in the delivery of services and ensuring that people receive the best care and support. Proper training and development for staff in front-line roles is essential, and this is particularly the case given changed requirements under the Social Care and Well-being (Wales) Act. Social Care Wales has developed a training strategy and a range of training resources to support the implementation of the Act, and it will be essential that all relevant staff are able to access these resources to enable them to deliver the ambitions of the Act, and ensure that the needs of individuals are met.

Please let me know if you require any further information on this matter.






Yours sincerely

black - Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas CBE

Prif Weithredwr/Chief Executive