P-04-394 Save our Services – Prince Philip Hospital

Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 27.02.17


Dear Jessica,


In response to the letter from Mike Hedges A.M.re: Petition P-04-397, Prince Phillip Hospital, LLANELLI. I will share the following with you.


1. The SOSPPAN Campaign group has disbanded.


2. The Judicial Review found that the Hywel Dda LHB’s consultation process was adequate.


3. The resignations of key members of the LHB, for one reason or another, led to a new LHB and a much improved approach. Consultation and the inclusion of SOSPPAN has in no small way, helped to create the innovative FRONT OF HOUSE approach at Prince Phillip.


4. This “Clinician Led” approach, recognised and accepted by SOSPPAN is the best possible outcome, despite it being a compromise i.e. not a full A&E, it seems to be working well.


5. With regard to the Petition— I have the following observations. I am mindful that this is owned by the thousands who signed it. Clearly, the demands there-in have not been met, despite the fact that SOSPPAN has accepted a compromise. On balance, it is my personal opinion that in the interest of fairness and common justice to those who signed, the decision for further consideration must, therefore rest with your committee.


Kindest regards,

Bryan Hitchman.