P-05-748 School Buses For School Children – Correspondence from the Petitioner to the Committee, 24.03.17

Dear Sir/ madam

I received an email from you requesting information to back my petition due in front of the committee 4th April.

Since heading my campaign one of the things that came to light was how commercial bus drives do not have to have crb/Dbs checks although they carry children and the vulnerable, I understand the driver would not necessarily have direct contact with children/vulnerable how ever there is always that chance they are that last passenger on the bus, meaning they would be alone with the driver, this is great concern.

The need for school buses is a must to ensure our Children's safety, I have attached a couple of photos which shows how unsafe our children are being transported to and from school, I'm sure on viewing these photos you will be as horrified as I am, children stood up while traveling puts children at risk instantly, it also encourages silly behaviour. Just recently a drive was assaulted by a pupil on a public bus used as school transport, there has also been an incident where an emergency door lock was taken off, had a child then lent on the door they could have fallen out of the moving bus. Our children have a right to travel safely and parents need that peace of mind. Our local authorities are offering a free bus to pupils who are moving from John Summers High to Connah's Quay High which is fab news but what about all the other Children who travel to other schools? I never set out to get anything for free, I understand there are budgets, this is about children's safety not a free ride. It seems very unfair come September some will have a school bus and some will not that's just not fair.

I've lived 16 years with the pain of losing my child under the wheels of a public bus used as school transport and believe me it's been the hardest most heartbreaking thing ever, I believe my Daughter would be here today had she been travelling on a dedicated school bus, with seat belts. The over crowding issue would not have occurred of which caused the driver to become distracted by adult members of the public stood up talking to him, and also blind spots due to so many obscuring his view.

I hope that you take my points on board and should you need additional information please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards

Lynne Chick